Sunday, 1 July 2012

Building Materials

Proposed building materials

Durisol blocks used at project in Goring Health as retaining wall.

The "eco" option for building below ground could be to use "Durisol" blocks. These are made in Wales from 80% recycled wood pallets and 20% cement. These blocks are simply slotted together laced with steel rods for structural support and then in-filled with both concrete and insulation. 

Durisol block section showing insulation and in-filled concrete

The level of insulation within the wall, plus the south facing aspect of the building results in the building requiring no heating, even in winter, as long as doors and windows are not left open for extended periods. 

Decking made from 50% recycled plastic and 50% rice husk

Decking below the front porch could be recycled concrete slabs, recycled plastic decking or even locally sourced wooden decking.

The green roof doesn't have to be just grass. For greater biodiversity, an entire range of plants could be established?

Green roof in Benson

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