Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Eco Option in Ewelme

This blog is an information and discussion platform for a proposed "Eco" design option for the construction of a new sports pavilion on the common in Ewelme that could replace the existing run-down building.

The proposal is:
  • Develop an ecobuild option for community consultation 
  • Develop concept plans based on a building adjacent to the existing car park embedded into the bank so building forms part of the landscape
  • Design to maximise passive solar gain to reduce/eliminate need for heating
  • Design to low or even positive environmental impact through inclusion of green roof
  • Design using sustainable materials e.g Durisol blocks (recycled wood pallets & cement)
  • Design for enabling social responsibility
The animated video below has been developed by Green Factory Ltd as the first phase of the design process.
Discussions have already been held with HMPS for "about-to-be-released prisoners" to undertake most of the build as part of their "community pay back" commitments which would help to reduce build costs if this project went ahead. It would also contribute towards the successful reintegration of ex-prisoners back into society.

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